Envoy Proxy and gRPC are two immensely popular and useful open-source technologies with wide adoption, including by major enterprises.

So, when I set out to spin up a simple, locally runnable gRPC application where requests were mediated and authenticated via Envoy, I was mostly expecting to, you know, just copy and paste various example files into a few directories and docker-compose up with a self-satisfied smile.

For whatever reason, the exact combination of technologies I was exploring in this case didn’t show up in any easily discoverable tutorials or articles…until now!

This writeup will detail how to run the following…

A key mindset that will help with the stress of entering a saturating market and that will actually make your journey easier and more successful.

My Own Journey

tl;dr I switched careers and have helped others do the same

Three years ago, almost to the day, the company I worked at went from looking forward to a glorious future (an impending buyout with lucrative upside) to looking down the barrel of 2 weeks of runway leading to a chaotic, decidedly inglorious end.

At the time, I was a bit of a marketing and content generalist responsible for things like managing editorial teams and…

A headless human!

I just finished setting up my Raspberry Pi Zero W and it was both extremely easy and unexpectedly, annoyingly tricky. I’ll recap the easy part and record my debugging process for the tricky part here since I did not find all of information I needed in one place.

There are more robust headless setup tutorials out there, including this one that I initially used, but like I said — it may be helpful to include all of my steps here in case you run into the same issues.

If you just want to set up your Pi, feel free to…

This is a retrospective on building a Slack bot that worked, broke, and finally scaled. I don’t dive too deeply into either the analysis or the implementation of the solutions, but just recount my path towards an understanding of the problem and the solution. If you have questions of your own around these things, I’m happy to address anything I can help with in the comments.

UPDATE: I (somewhat) recently made some changes to how Callie works (including *not* using the Relax library) that will follow the main article. …

Or, why I’m writing about a show that is more than ten years old.

Let’s do something very quickly before I answer the question posed in the title. Let’s agree that, yes, more than a decade has passed since the final episode of Deadwood. And, yes, I have only watched the first season. Perhaps it goes full Homeland in season two and I’ve a big disappointment in store! We can acknowledge those things, and then move on.

Back to the title of this post, and why I felt like I had to write it, several minutes after finishing the season…

In Apple’s perfect world, you’d never run into the problem I’m going to help you solve.

You would listen to music on your Macbook Pro, on the iTunes platform, through Apple headphones. And then, when you wanted to pause a song or skip a track, you’d have options: use the media buttons on your Magic Keyboard, your laptop keyboard, or the inline controls on your earbuds.

But that’s not how I work. And, since you’re reading this, it’s probably not how you work either.

My setup includes a Das Keyboard (no media control buttons) and a pair of Bose QC25…

Over the past some-odd weeks, I’ve found myself in a familiar spot with increasing frequency: thinking about an article, a conversation, an interesting situation, and so on, and wanting to write about and share it with the world at large.

The original plan was to put together a little personal page somewhere on the world wide web. I haven’t touched CSS in a while and somehow, some way, found myself missing it enough to come pretty close to starting a whole new project.

But — and I’ll give a little more context here in a minute — I saw two…

I didn’t want to start off with one of my first posts being a total takedown of some-dude-I-don’t-know’s crappy post, but it really rubbed me the wrong way. So, here we are anyways!

Check this out: The Five Top Reasons to Use JavaScript. Take a second to skim it — even if you aren’t interested in programming, you’ll probably pick up on a few things I’m about to break down.

Okay, now that we’ve all read it (sorry for that, folks), let me touch on just a few things that I find incredibly presumptuous here:

1: Literally, the very first…

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